Heraclitus :
Assume that nothing is stable in the world in which your brand exists. Everything is always changing all the time. The relative position and perception of your brand will not be the same from one day to the next. It therefore has to be manage on the basis of constant flux.

Socrates :
Question everything – literally everything – about your brand. Take nothing for granted. Always look to get to a deeper level of understanding. And don’t settle for anything that doesn’t feel like “the truth”.

Plato :
Your brand should have two natures. At one level, its superficial nature should always be in the process of becoming (something else) – otherwise it will not be “of the moment”. At a deeper level, it will need to have values that do not change over time, and which “stand behind” the superfisial characteristics of the brand.

Aristotles :
Always ask what the brand is for – and what does it “do” that makes it demonstrably better that others in the same market or category? Unless there is a clear functional reason for buying the brand, the consumer will soon fall out of love with it. And remember that you need to ask this question of the brand in all its manifestations – especially when stretches are being considered that take it outside its core market or category.